Sunday, November 7, 2010

Role Change!

Two days ago, I got an email. (revolutionary, I know...) But this email was unlike any I have ever received.

"Congratulations! You passed your recent Walt Disney World® Character Audition and will be invited to participate in a Character Performer Role in the Disney College Program!!"

Ok, so I gotta stop with the quoting.  But then you wouldn't have the EXACT words I read, now would you?  By the way, did you read that correctly??  "PASSED" I believe is the key word.  Holy crap!  Come January, instead of working at a restaurant in Walt Disney World (because that would have been SO torturous.... joking, btw), I will be performing every day portraying a Disney character! This is a dream come true, and after finding out, I literally felt out of body for a few hours.  Of course, I gotta get the lingo right... since there is only ONE of each character ever and they are all real, I simply am going to become "best friends" with some characters.  Keepin' the magic alive! That's it but more to come when something else interesting happens!!

P.S. Disney shouldn't send out emails saying nothing except "visit our website!" (like I haven't stalked every link on it countless times already) when I am anxiously awaiting the results of a character audition!!  But all is well! (understatement)


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